Learn how to increase attendee engagement at your next Afri ALUMNi Conference Event

Organizing a successful conference involves more than just selling tickets and attracting attendees. It’s important to keep attendees engaged throughout the event. Great conferences offer interactive and memorable activities that inspire attendees to put ideas into practice, and these go beyond the usual speaker sessions and Q&A panels. These activities should help your audience put ideas into practice and leave feeling inspired. To ensure maximum engagement, here are some tips to consider before, during, and after your conference.


Pre-conference preparation

In order to generate excitement and anticipation leading up to your conference, it’s important to set clear goals for conference engagement. Consider what you want your attendees to take away from the event, whether it’s a better understanding of key concepts, networking opportunities, or a greater appreciation for your organization or brand. Focus on one main priority rather than trying to achieve too many different objectives, which can dilute your efforts. During this time, it’s also essential to finalize your conference agenda. Decide on the tracks, sessions, and speakers that you’ll be offering, and gather input from attendees to ensure that you’re providing content and activities that are most appealing to them. Using social media is a great way to create buzz and promote your conference. Share unique experiences that attendees can expect, tag speakers and sponsors, and introduce a conference hashtag to generate excitement and encourage engagement.

Before the conference, set clear goals for engagement and identify your top priority. Focus on creating an agenda that includes different tracks, sessions, and speakers that will attract attendees.


During your conference

When it comes to planning your conference, it’s important to get creative in order to keep attendees engaged. Speakers and break-out sessions are a great starting point, but there are many other ways to encourage active participation. For instance, you can host Q&A sessions, workshops, and panel discussions. To make it less intimidating for attendees to ask questions in front of a large group, you can collect questions in advance and have a designated staffer ask them live.

Additionally, be prepared with a roving microphone or other equipment to make it easy for attendees to speak up on the spot. Another key aspect of a successful conference is networking. Consider coordinating icebreakers and other activities to help attendees get to know each other. You could even bring in vendors to provide fun activities related to your conference theme, such as photo booths or live product demonstrations. Finally, make use of technology by engaging attendees with live polls and encouraging them to use your conference hashtag on social media.


Post-conference follow-up

After your conference ends, make sure to continue engaging attendees even after they leave. Provide them with conference highlights and takeaways that they can easily share on social media and other online platforms. This will inspire them to become great advocates for your conference as they return to their workplaces and communities.

Additionally, don’t forget to conduct post-conference surveys to gather feedback and insights on how to improve future conferences. Ask attendees to share their thoughts on what worked well and what could have been better. Take their feedback seriously as you plan your next conference.


Crush your next conference

To create a captivating conference that leaves attendees feeling inspired and builds a dedicated following, you can follow the steps highlighted above. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with planning, or you require some assistance, our event management team, equipped with top-of-the-line tools such as ‘Promoter’, can work with you to streamline your email marketing efforts and keep attendees engaged throughout the entire process.

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