ARTMAZON – African Women in Modern & Contemporary Art, Awards 2024

The Trending, Emerging & Critically-Acclaimed African Women in Modern & Contemporary Art, The Trailblazers Awards 2024

In celebration of ‘The International Women’s Day’ 2024, we are excited to announce the Call for Art submissions from AWMCA (African Women in Modern & Contemporary Art), ARTMAZON Exhibition.

This exhibition will showcase the works of Trending, Emerging, and Critically acclaimed artists and culminate in the flagship AWMCA awards.

The Mission of this initiative is to champion the recognition and to celebrate the accomplishments of African Women in Art, through the AWMCA Trailblazers Awards. The Award showcases the diversity of women exploring expression through Modern and Contemporary Art. 

The vision is to promote the African narrative of Modern and Contemporary Art as we celebrate outstanding women in arts. The 2024 Award is focused on the following categories of interest: Creators of Fine Art, Sculptures, Photo Art, Architecture, and Women Complementing as Curators.

The AWMCA Trailblazers Awards also recognises and adds to the Elite list the contributions of women in the arts who serve as educators and academics, collectors, gallery owners, and promoters: Women who have excelled as ambassadors, influencers, and publishers of art created by artists in Africa and the African diaspora. Join us in celebrating the diversity of women in the arts and their remarkable talents.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and nominations for the ARTMAZON Exhibition and The AWMCA Trailblazers Awards, so feel free to recommend your favourite Creator or a colleague before the Deadline! To apply, visit


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C-suite Executive Roles and Co-Founder Opportunities – The ARTMAZON African Women in Art Initiative, SPE (Special Purpose Entity).


The African Women in Art Initiative is an early-stage startup, looking for superstars to build a team as Co-founder(s). 

Project Sponsor: ARTMAZON, Inc.


  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Closed
  • The Chief Executive officer (CEO) Ref: LAGADA00088 Available
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Ref: LAGADA00089 Available
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO) Ref: LAGADA00090 Available
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Ref: LAGADA00091 Available


Project Technical Sponsor: We are a team of professionals offering a full spectrum of business – integrated IT services, from graphic designers & photographers to seasoned social media / online marketers and E-commerce gurus, providing expert knowledge in every aspect of business growth strategies and business promotional activities.

Capped with over 15 years experience in delivering eCommerce and Global eBusiness solutions our current project highlights our passion for the Art and specifically, of Elite Art of high yield Modern & Contemporary Artwork of Artists of African descent. To achieve The ARTMAZON objective, we have provided an online gallery for Exhibitions & Auctions and a platform for African artists who wish to present their works to Buyers and Collectors Internationally.

  • Our goal is to represent talented New & Noteworthy, Trending Emerging, Critically-Acclaimed and Blue Chip Artist from Africa and of African descent in the diaspora.
  • Our Vision is to foster INNOVATION IN THE ART TRADE for the Preservation, safe and secure Storage, Financialisation, Marketplace Visibility and Sales of Artwork of artists from across the African continent and beyond.

At the core of our Activities, we are empowering and building Teams of Global Contemporary Art Associate Curators, leveraging on our expertly curated Online Displays and Exhibition of paintings, photographs, drawings and sculpture from the 20th and 21st centuries to actualize our Vision.

The African Women in Art Initiative

Today, alongside our general business activities, we are happy to announce The Women in Art Initiative, a Special-purpose entity (SPE), conceptualized to highlight and celebrate the diversity of women ARTIST exploring expression visually.

In Alliance with stakeholders, we will champion the achievements of outstanding women-in-arts in the following categories of interest: Creators of Fine Art, Sculpture, Photo Art, Architecture, or Complementing as Art Curators.

In appreciation, we also add to our Elite list and celebrate the efforts of Women in the arts as, EDUCATORS AND ACADEMICS, COLLECTORS, GALLERY OWNERS and Women in the Arts as PROMOTERS: Ambassadors, influencers, Publishers etc.

The African Woman in Art team is composed of flexible, kind and hardworking team-cultured professionals. We’re passionate about our mission and are determined to create a truly fantastic Global movement. We’re committed to working with integrity, doing the right things and building a company we are truly proud of. To date, we have invested a considerable amount into research and data gathering, and have built and continued building relationships with key stakeholders.

With a ready-made MVP and clearly defined target audience, we’re happy to announce that we are now searching for new next level co-founders to focus on the business development activities of The African Woman in Art Initiative.

In addition to the availability of the required time for business development activities, the right Co-founder would be one who is capable of investing in strategic, financial and social capital. Of which would comprise high-value social relationships and networking, complementing our existing efforts towards the sustainable growth of our SPE. Generally, this capacity would ultimately translate to the ability to establish structures needed to raise any required funding, by building and maintaining new relationships with stakeholders, planning marketing campaigns, generating new leads, developing quality business strategies, and effectively leading and motivating staff to drive productivity and results.

What and Who are we looking for?

The ideal Co-founder would be Either an MSc, MA, MBA: Management or business administration holder, or one with the experience of successful development of similar initiatives, such articulating ‘the Female professional’ and a passion for Art would be a strong advantage. This is a job for a real entrepreneur, as you will be part of a great founding team that empowers you to shape the product, business and an opportunity to be part of a growing movement to create a new future for the ‘African Woman in Art’.

“Ultimately, we are Putting Art in its rightful place as a potent resource for youth empowerment, sociocultural and national development, whilst promoting Art by Africans Worldwide.” Founder ARTMAZON

If you like the sound of this, please do get in touch and we can speak further.

For more info, please contact:

Kenneth Oronsaye Founder & CTO ARTMAZON, Inc UK – Project Sponsor: African Women in Art Initiative.
Tel & Whatsapp: +44(0)740.025.2255 I Whatsapp only: +234(0)818.342.6846
Book a Meeting with me at:

These slots fill quickly, so we recommend that you schedule as soon as possible to receive your preferred time. If you have any difficulties scheduling a meeting, feel free to contact me directly by phone or email.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should apply by completing the relevant sections of the form on official website.

This is currently a part-time opportunity aimed at perfecting the proposal, building the MVP and outlining the strategy prior to an extensive fundraising campaign. The guidelines which would be established by the founding executives we are currently putting in place would determine the order in which an appropriate wage structure is implemented, afterwards, salary compensations may apply across the formed organisation.

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